Hi, I'm Quaison

Digital Marketing Strategist & Instructor based in NYC

Need help pronouncing my name? Just think Jason with a Q.

I'm digital marketer and educator that consults professionals and businesses looking to grow their digital marketing skills, get a foundation, or learn how to use specific tools and tactics to achieve their business objectives and create more revenue.

Skills I Teach and Consult Organic Search - SEO Analytics and Reporting Paid Search - Adwords Paid & Organic Social Strategies Facebook Marketing Conversion Rate Optimization - CRO and really just how to improve your digital business.

My proffesional career started in digital production as a producer on fortune 500 company sites, so I am skilled at building products and getting them off the ground.

Digital Marketing Workshops & Seminars

From a full day workshop for resorts & enterprise businesses in Cayman Islands to students just out of college looking to get comfortable with the fast paced world of digital marketing, i've developed and ran workshops for all core competencies in digital marketing, at varying levels of expertise.

Currently I spend a portion of my time teaching at one of the leading professional education startups in America, General Assembly where I teach a range of classes in Digital Marketing, including, SEO, Analytics, Paid Search and more.

Strategy & Consulting

I consult with clients based on my interest in the opportunity and potential challenge it may bring, though my work these days are focused on client work via Hungry, where I run the digital marketing department. That said, If I can't help you I probably know someone who can, so please reach out. Some clients I work/ have worked with include: Carnival Cruise Lines Clairol Direct TV Macy's and more including startups and small businesses that I continually work for delivering measurable returns.

The Podcast - And Then You Graduate

I have a podcast, not really marketing related, but more a fun exploration on a different medium. The jist of it is: Remember When Your Parents Said go to College? Then You Went to College, Graduated from College, Then Questioned Why the F*** Did I Waste My Time Going to College? We Do Too. This podcast explores life post graduation with interviews and discussions of those who "made it" and those currenlty in the process, Tune in.

General Assembly

New Yorks Premier Education Startup

New York, New York

Lead Digital Marketing Instructor


Full Service Digital Creative Agency

New York, New York

Director of Digital Marketing